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Product Range

  • Any
  • 2-sided folding boxboard
  • 1-sided solid bleach board
  • White backed FBB
  • Cream backed FBB
  • Solid unbleached sulphate board
  • Fully coated WLC
  • Unlined & lined greyboard
  • Specialist boards
  • Coated paper
  • Uncoated paper
  • Digital paper
  • Office stationery
  • Business stationery
  • Carbonless paper
  • Tinted paper
  • Pulp & ivory Board
  • Self adhesive
  • Envelopes


  • Any
  • ACM (GD2)
  • Airfreshener Board
  • Avanta Prima (GC2)
  • Beermat Board
  • Black Lined Greyboard
  • Carta Integra
  • Carte Lumina (GC1)
  • Celebr8 Duo Xtra
  • Celebr8 Image (GC1)
  • Celebr8 Occasions
  • Celebr8 Solo
  • Contiboard (GT2)
  • Custom Kote
  • Cyber XL Premium (GC2)
  • Duprint Autopack (GC2)
  • Duprint Freeze (GC2)
  • Duprint XL (GC2)
  • Ensocoat
  • Excellent Top (GC2)
  • GC2 Maule HS
  • Greyboard
  • Hermicoat (GD2)
  • Hermiwhite (GT2)
  • Incada Exel (GC2)
  • Incada Silk (GC1)
  • Invercote Creato
  • Invercote G
  • Lusoplex (GD2)
  • Maule Graphics GC1
  • MCB (GT2)
  • MCM (GD2)
  • MM Liner (GD2)
  • Ningbo Spark (GC1)
  • Omni-Kote
  • Optima Greyback (GD2)
  • Optimus Top (GC1)
  • Pankabrite (GC2)
  • Pankawhite (GC1)
  • Pasted Greyboard
  • Pearl-Kote
  • Performa Alto (GC1)
  • Performa White (GC1)
  • Printa (GD2)
  • Rochblanc (GC1)
  • Rochcoat (GC2)
  • Rochcoat Blanc (GC1)
  • Rochfreeze (GC2)
  • Scancoate Image (GC1)
  • Scancote Elegance (GC1)
  • Scancote Vision (GC1)
  • Scanwhite (GC1)
  • Serviboard (GD2)
  • Serviliner (GD2)
  • Silbergrau GK
  • Simcote (GC2)
  • Sinarpack (GC2)
  • Sinarvanda (GC1)
  • Skin Packaging Board
  • Supra (GT2)
  • Tambrite HS
  • Temptation Pop
  • Topcolor (GT1)
  • TP Premium (GC2)
  • Triplex Gris (GD2)
  • Trucard (Gloss/Matt)
  • Trucard 2 (Gloss/Matt)
  • Umka Colour (GD2)
  • Umka Liner (GD2)
  • Unlined Greyboard
  • Unpasted Greyboard
  • White Lined Greyboard
  • White Peak GC1
  • White Peak GC2


  • Any
  • Full
  • Gloss
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Silk
  • Matt
  • Uncoated


  • Any
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Kraft
  • Various
  • White

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Latest News


    The Ensocoat Roadshow Tour Bus will be here on Monday 26th June.

    If you haven't already booked your place, be sure to contact us to let us know you would like to join us aboard the 'New Ensocoat' Roadshow tour bus that will be spending the day at our West Bromwich facility next Monday.

  • Was it tough? Was it muddy? ....You bet!

    Back in May we gave news of our Credit Manager, Tracey's intention to take part in the Midlands Tough Mudder Challenge - well, she did it. A couple of weeks ago in sunny, but not too hot conditions, the team started the day off by joining their fellow competitors in a 15 minute warm-up session before starting the challenge at 9.45am.

    Tracey tells us how it was for her.....

  • Don't be the one to miss the bus!

    All aboard for the Ensocoat Roadshow......come and join us on Monday 26th June between 10am and 4pm.
    As part of its European tour promoting Stora Enso's hugely impressive, upgraded SBS board, the 'New Ensocoat' Roadshow tour bus will soon pull in at our West Bromwich conversion facility.

  • Get on board with Warren and Stora Enso - Save the date of Monday 26th June

    On Monday 26th June we will be welcoming the 'New Ensocoat' Roadshow bus to our West Bromwich facilities and we would be delighted if you could join us.