Action Aid's update on Ghana

9th March 2017

Earlier this year we received the 2016 Ghana Annual Report from Action Aid-the charity we have supported for over 25 years. The national and community work carried out by the charity continues as does their work in changing government policies.

As we have come to learn, women’s incomes are tied intrinsically to their access to farmland. Without land to farm women struggle to support their families and access to land remains under the control of the patriarchal system that dominates in Ghana. Action Aid has been working to reverse such dominance and enable women to claim their basic right to land ownership.  

Another area the charity are involved in is community youth groups  where members are provided with coaching and training to develop and improve their leadership and advocacy skills-their involvement being vital to the development of communities. Some of the topics covered include sexual and reproductive health supported by Marie Stopes International, and traditional skills such as beading and craft making; both providing an alternative to farming to earn a living.

Promoting climate resilient and sustainable agriculture for smallholder farmers is one of the many ways Action Aid works with farmers to ensure they can adapt to changes in the climate. In recent years the rainfall pattern has become unpredictable which coupled with the practise of bush burning has resulted in low crop yields and the resulting loss of income. To overcome these challenges Action Aid has been working in partnership with the Ministry of Food  in providing training to farmers in soil and water conservation, pest and disease control, selecting quality seeds and the benefits of growing drought resistant crops.

The biggest event in Ghana’s calendar last year were the Presidential and Parliamentary elections and to ensure that calm prevailed before, during and after the elections, Action Aid collaborated with the National Peace Council to provide information, education and communication materials for public education.

And so the work continues. If you feel you would like to give your support to Action Aid visit their website for details on how to donate -  

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