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6th October 2016

Following the recent announcement that our West Brom reel-to-sheet conversion facility was in a position to increase capacity and coupled with an increase in demand from both box maker and converter customers, we're delighted to announce an extension to our reel stock range of Serviliner.

Produced at Careo’s Arnsberg mill, this litho lamination grade has long been recognised as the UK market leader - its proven product quality and conversion performance ensure it’s the board of choice for many box makers.

With the widest stock range in the market (180 gsm, 210 gsm and 230 gsm all held in depth), customer orders can be cut to size, therefore minimising waste and costs, and delivered within 3-5 working days. Serviliner pallet stocks are available for delivery within 24 hours.

With our independent status box makers and converters alike can be assured of the confidentiality of their supply chain.

More further stock information or to request samples, please call the Sales team on 0116 232 4102 or email  


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