In support of Action Aid in Ghana

14th October 2015

Our latest update from ActionAid arrived last week with a letter from Victoria Donker who was writing to us from Ghana. 52 year old Victoria has been supported by the ActionAid Next Step programme in her bid to run for a seat in the forthcoming Assembly Elections. This is her story....

“I am not new to serving my community at local government level. From 2002 until 2012 I held a seat on the district assembly; during which time I lobbied for many developments to my community. I am extremely proud of my achievements – new school buildings, public toilets, a borehole and many other programmes that have benefitted the community.

Much of my success is down to ActionAid. Without the training sessions they ran; talking to us about our rights as citizens and how to lobby the local government for funding, I know I would not have achieved half of what I did.

During the time I held my seat, I faced constant pressure from the men in my community to give it up. They wanted my seat and they said it wasn’t a job for a woman. After ten years the pressure got too much for me as they had begun spreading false allegations about me and my quality of life started to suffer. I resigned.

Following my resignation it wasn’t long before it became apparent my successor was doing little to improve our community. I felt such disappointment and it was hard to see the plans I had felt so passionate about die off.

With the next election dawning, the community members began asking me to stand for re-election; they were keen to back me. I can’t tell you my surprise and excitement when I was called to a meeting by the village elders who informed me they would back my decision to stand for re-election. I was overjoyed and accepted and I have just filed my candidate election papers at the Kadjebi district election offices in preparation for the start of my electoral campaign.

ActionAid has stood by me all the way and they have provided me with the support I have needed to feel confident in resuming a decision making position within my community. I am extremely grateful for ActionAid and their supporters for the help I have received.”  

Warren has been supporting ActionAid for over 23 years. Our Financial Director, Anne Ferguson said, “It’s great that we’re kept up to date with the work ActionAid are carrying out in Ghana and the stories of individuals whose lives and communities have been made better by the support of this fantastic charity. We’re keen to continue our support and we’ll look forward to receiving further updates from communities involved in the Next Step programme.” 

If you would like to support the amazing Action Aid projects click on the link below or call +44 (0)1460 238080.

Photo: Victoria Donker in Ghana

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