Our I.T. Director, Phil Richardson is soon to retire

28th September 2017

As if losing one long serving member of staff to retirement wasn't enough for us to cope with-we're having to say goodbye to Phil Richardson, our I.T. Director.....how will we cope! Phil joined the company in 1997 but we'd had the pleasure of getting to know him during the previous 10 years when he worked on a consultancy basis developing and supporting our systems. We sat Phil down over a cuppa to chat about the last 20 years.

Your greatest achievement?

The most challenging times?
Complete server hardware failure resulting in working straight through the night

Your funniest memory?
A salesman asking if we could fax samples!

The most heart-warming moment?
The company’s support during long-term illness

The most significant change you have seen within the company during your time here?
The addition of paper and converters

The most significant change in the industry during your years at Warren
Consolidation/shrinking of mill and merchant groups

The benefits of reducing your hours in the build up to the big day?
I worked on reducing my hours over a ten year period but it was only when I reduced to two days that it felt like I wasn’t working full time

Your feeling and emotions about retirement?
Work has been the thing everything else revolved around

What immediate plans do you have for retirement?
I have a big birthday coming up so lots of celebrating to do in November…and then there’s Christmas!

What are your long-term plans?
More of the things I already do-photography, rambling, dog walking, art, golf, holidays, gardening

Do you anticipate any difficulties in adjusting to a different life-style
I’ve pretty much adjusted with going down to two days

What you will miss most?
The people

Will you be watching Warren from afar, and will you be keeping in touch?
I expect to be back for the odd lunch to catch up

A message you would like to send to your colleagues
I can honestly say there has not been a day in my life when I woke up and thought ‘I don’t want to go to work today’, and for the past 20 years that has been down to my colleagues. So thanks I’ll miss you all.

As well as Phil's retirement, we are also going to be waving goodbye to another colleague, our Sales Director, Andy Wrigley retires at the same time.

And finally sentiments from our Chairman, Barry and FD, Anne – “Words cannot express the devotion and loyalty these two pillars of the company have given at all times, they have always been hard working and great fun to be with and to top it all have become lifelong friends. They will be sorely missed by everyone.”

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