The Ensocoat Tour bus spends the day at Warren

6th July 2017

Last Monday we welcomed customers to our West Bromwich facility to see the Stora Enso Ensocoat Roadshow Bus and all that it had to offer. The Roadshow started in Dusseldorf early May, stopping off at customers' sites throughout Europe.

Guests were shown presentations by Bob Swallow, Stora UK and Ireland Sales Manager and Caroline Erikson, Product and Marketing Manager talking us through the improved Ensocoat and end-use applications. Everyone-staff and customers alike was invited to experience a virtual tour of pulp and board production at Stora’s Skoghall Mill in Sweden. The Innovation Centre section of the fully equipped luxury bus included demonstrations of squeezable tubes for cream and shampoo- replacing plastic as the preferable sustainable form of packaging and smart packaging able to connect mobile devices to further product information.

Guests leaving the tour bus were handed goodie bags full of beautifully packaged liquorice, luxury chocolates and giant fruit jelly balls.

While visiting the tour bus customers took the opportunity to have a guided tour of our converting facility. We had a full crew on with all the machines in operation that day giving our visitors an overview of the facility in action. Bryen Humphreys, Divisional Director commented, “It was a great opportunity for customers to witness the process from reel stock to palletised sheets, including some orders cut to customers’ exact specifications. We had a positive reaction from everyone with one customer asking if we could put paper through the rewind. It’s not something we’ve done before but we’re certainly willing to look in to the possibility. I think customers got a lot out of the visit and the staff enjoyed sharing their working day with them.”       

One customer who came to the event and took the opportunity to have a guided tour of our converting facility - Alistair Nash, Director, Materias Sourcing Ltd commented, “The staff running this operation obviously think tidy. People who think tidy, are tidy; the plant looks organised and well run.”

If you were unable to make the tour but would like product information and samples, please call our Sales Team on 0116 232 4102 or email




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